Buying a home?

Now it is a great time to buy a home! Interest rates are still historically low; and home prices in some areas have fallen, making your dream home more affordable than ever. And those with good credit can easily obtain financing.

Stonegate has a wide array of loan programs, multiple branch offices throughout the Midwest, and experienced mortgage professionals ready to assist you.

For your convenience we have arranged our loan programs into three categories:

Found your dream home but it needs some work?

If you’re purchasing a home that needs renovation, we offer a loan product just for that. To learn how you can purchase a home and get the money necessary to renovate it all in one loan, click here.

Pefect for bank owned properties, foreclosures and REO's - don't let a little TLC stop you from owning your dream home. Historically buying and renovating a home has resulted in increased value - more equity for you.